Caerphilly dance school for students aged 2 and over. Classes in ballet, tap, acro & modern.

"Machen Academy of Dance is a teacher-led structured class with space for students' input and suggestions - but dancing should be fun and we will never stray far from this objective."

Principal Teacher Yvette Levy. Qualified and registered BTDA teacher

Weekly Rewards

Melody Movement, prep and primary students all take part in the Polly, Dolly & Dyl reward scheme.


Each week students who arrived a class looking smart and tidy, then continue to work hard in class are rewarded with a sticker.

Stickers are added to their collection cards and every time they complete a card they receive a medal, rosette or award.


MADD and BB's follow the BTDA syllabus and students are given opportunities to take exams, both accredited and award based.


We are proud to boast 100% pass rate. 


To find out more about the BTDA (British Theatre Dance Association) visit their website at

MADD Shows

We aim to produce a large-scale performance ever 18months to two years. Every member of the school is invited to take part.

We also have a display team who represent the school at various other events and performances. These have included The Big Cheese, pantomimes, competitions, etc.


Photographs of performances can be viewed on the Gallary page.


Machen Academy of Dance and Drama LTD is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 06628188